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IT IS curious how people of faith still flock towards tangible signs to confirm what they ostensibly already believe. Rather than being rock solid, their faith appears more fluid, like fuel that needs regular replenishment.

Keating, in a minor key, offers up a bittersweet tribute to neglected great

WE ALL know Paul Keating can deliver scorn with white-hot intensity . Yesterday, though, the former prime minister was in kindlier, mellower form as he spoke of his old friend, the classical pianist Geoffrey Tozer, who died in Melbourne in August at the age of 54.

The Soprano Is Father To The Man

He was a child star, then his voice broke. Now Aled Jones has forged a new career in music with hymns, writes Malcolm Brown.

Odd Spot

The organist of St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney, has been asked to tone down his musical flourishes at the end of Sunday services after members of the congregation complained they can't hear themselves think. The repertoire is now limited to slow-paced hymns and recessionals.

A Hymn-singing Celebration

AVONDALE College will present the fourth annual Hymns and Songs of Praise on Saturday at 7pm at Avondale College Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Cooranbong.